Bike Locker Rental Program

Point2point  has recently implemented a new rental program for the bike lockers at Cottage Grove, River Road, and Amazon LTD Stations. 

LTD has purchased Kryptonite U-Locks that have been placed on all of the lockers, along with signs instructing customers who wish to use the locker to contact Point2point. Customers who use the lockers will sign a rental agreement, pay a refundable $25 deposit for the lock, and be assigned a specific locker for a six month rental period (There is no charge to use the bike lockers.)

The feedback about the new Bike Locker Rental Program has been very positive. LTD is pleased that the new lockers will mean that bikes are safe and secure for customers who bike to the bus station and ride the bus for the last leg of their journey.

For more information on this exciting new program, please call Cammie Harris at 541-682-6213 .