what is a pool?

some call it carpool, we call it pool. the point is - sharing the ride is really cool. the pool concept is pretty simple and you may be surprised to discover that anytime you share a ride with another person you are "pooling." pools are flexible; you decide the “pool rules.” you can start a pool with other folks going to the same place or join an existing carpool. just register online at Drive Less Connect, click on the ridematch tab and create a trip to view other commuters who share your route and travel times.

why pool?

whether you pool2work or to events and appointments, you will save money and cut your fuel costs in half. but your pocket book isn't the only reason to pool. check out these other great reasons to share the ride:

  • relax and enjoy the ride when it's your turn to be the passenger
  • improve our community by alleviating traffic congestion
  • reduce air pollution emissions
  • save on parking in addition to gas
  • protect your car and its value by reducing wear and tear
  • enjoy meeting new and interesting people
  • inspire others through your example


pooling is easy. get started now by registering with Drive Less Connect. organize carpools for work or play, every day or just once in a while. track all of your non-drive alone trips in the calendar and watch your savings grow! Plus you may just win some cool prizes! check out the rewards tab for a listing of current incentive programs. if you’d like to meet your carpool at a community location, check out this link for a Park & Ride lot near you!