meet the team

Introducing the p2peeps. Our team is committed to helping you find transportation modes that fit your lifestyle. If you need assistance contact us individually or by calling 541.682.6213.

photo of Teresa Brand Theresa Brand
Program Manager
p: 541.682.6132
photo of Marcia Maffei Marcia Maffei
Employer Program Coordinator
p: 541.682.6206
photo of Allison Camp Allison Camp
Transportation Options Coordinator/
Sustainability Coordinator
p: 541.682.3245 
photo of Tracy Ellis Tracy Ellis
Rideshare Program Coordinator
p: 541.682.6183
photo of Cammie Harris Cammie Harris
Administrative Secretary
Phone: (541) 682-6213
photo of Cody Franz Cody Franz
SmartTrips Program Coordinator
Phone: (541) 682-6112